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         鼠年 Happy Year of the Rat 2020                          

Chinese New Year 2020The new Year of the Rat starts 25th January 2020. Each animal in the Chinese zodiac is divided into elements with slightly different characteristics - this Yang Year is a Metal Rat. A blessed year of new beginnings. Metal Rats are strong, reliable, and can change unlucky events into fortune.

If you are a Rat
Unlike the West, in China, the rat is respected, and considered courageous and enterprising. People born this year are alert, curious, clever, tactful, imaginative, thrifty and able to grasp opportunities; making brilliant businessmen. They work with logic and cool emotion, are easy going, sociable, broad-minded, adapt well to their environment, but are timid and stubborn.

Rat people will have normal luck in 2020, but some may experience a lot of challenge, and single rats' have a chance to fall in love. However, watch your health - a balanced diet and regular exercise always benefit rats. Wait for another year before big decisions, and avoid speculative investments. 

Best partners are an ox, monkey or dragon - least harmonious with a horse, goat or rabbit. Best jobs: manager, entrepreneur, broadcaster, writer, musician, artist, author, doctor, lawyer, teacher or in finance.

Predictions for this Year of the Rat
Chinese Year of the Rat 2020
Rat years are linked to material resources, luxury, and wealth. You will feel freer, so take advantage of opportunity for success. The rat is first in the 12-year cycle of Chinese zodiac, so it's a good time to be ambitious, evolve and start new. The best moment to change is early in 2020. Creative energy will help achieve your wishes. The rat loves freedom, so help yourself, rather than worrying about others.

Natural disasters like earthquakes and floods are probable in the Southern and Western parts of the world.

Despite efforts for global stability and more females in power, fear and anxiety will bring pessimism to financial markets. However, industries belonging to the Fire Element, like energy, restaurants, and entertainment, can expect prosperity - as will real estate, mining, technology and banking.

Rat Years
If you were born during these dates, then you are a Rat: 05/02/24 to 23/01/25, 24/01/36 to 10/02/37, 10/02/48 to 28/01/49, 28/01/60 to 14/02/61, 15/02/72 to 02/02/73, 02/02/84 to 19/02/85, 10/02/96 to 06/02/97, 06/02/08 to 25/01/09, 25/01/20 to 11/02/21, 11/02/32 to 30/01/33.

Famous Rat People
Buddy Holly, Churchill, George Washington, Hugh Grant, Isaac Newton, Jimmy Carter, John F. Kennedy, Mark Zuckerberg, Marlon Brando, Mozart, Prince Charles, Prince Harry, Tiger Woods, William Shakespeare.

Rat Likes
Lucky Colours: gold, blue, green. Numbers: 2, 3. Gemstone: Garnet. Western zodiac equivalent: Sagittarius.

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